Sunday , 18 February 2018
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Why is Yahoo! loosing against Google and Bing?

Recently the people using Yahoo! for their search requirements have been decreasing. Have you ever gave it a thought why?

First of all, which search engine do you use? Google, Bing or Yahoo!? And then, why do you use it? What makes that search engine appeal to you?

We may have a number of reasons but I can identify one main problem which seems to be putting off users from yahoo! against market giants google and emerging bing.

Clutter! Yes, clutter. Below are the screenshots of the yahoo! against google and bing. There is too much information in that page. People seem to prefer clean straight to the point search experiences that help them find what they were looking for and as fast as possible with little or no frill at all. I also understand this point of view and must say, share this opinion too.

What can we learn for our wesbites out of this? Leave clear instructions of how to do business with you and try be informative but not over informative. All the industries have their writing needs but avoid overdoing it.

Happy marketing! and send in your comments and views.

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