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SEO and Web Marketing in 2011

The end of the year is approaching and its natural to think about what the new year will bring to us. Looking a little at 2010 overall was a pretty stable year in terms on online marketing but have gained significant growth and specialization requirements.

Web Marketing and SEO in 2011

Lets have a look at the main hot areas for 2011 for SEO.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
2. Social Media
3. Online Videos
4. Mobile Web
5. SEO and Web Marketing Education

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Needless to say, proper and stronger then ever SEO is required in order to be part of the online game. There is no possibility for any website to survive on the short to long term without proper SEO techniques. So we shall continue to see the growth requirements on the websites on this as competitors are getting on the same boat now!

Social Media
With the constant never ending growth of facebook, twitter, linkedin and other emerging social media websites the need for a parallel web marketing strategy to incorporate social media is on top of the agenda for 2011. This is a definite must.

Online Videos
Youtube is still surfing strong online and still has its decent share of stable small growth online. A new video marketing concept is being introduced and seems that this might grow well in 2011.

Mobile Web
People are more and more getting online from their mobile phones, with androids and smart phones always popping up we have seen an exponential growth of iPhone apps and much more. This trend seems to hold pretty well in 2011.

SEO and Web Marketing Education
Although very small amounts of institutions like EBN in Malta offer SEO education and SEO courses both online and in class the need of learning is at its most dominant levels. With so much happening people need to get educated and get qualified asap in the subject in order to avoid shooting in the dark! So contact EBN’s SEO Academy for more details of the next course!

Overall SEO and web marketing will dominate the web design industry in 2011 thats certain, but possible new market entrants and potential market shakers could change again the fast paced web!

Happy 2011 people!

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