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LinkedIn as part of your Web Marketing

LinkedIn has been on the web marketing agenda for even longer than other social media, also most importantly is that it is still managing to keep its distinctive difference from the rest. Thanks to a very professional orientation you would not find the usual people complaining about their day but you would most probably find people or companies that are looking for business opportunities or to interact with other business minded individuals. Pioneering companies like Netspend have been using the medium for over 10 years with success.

In the past years we have seen a stable growth in the medium even if its not as fast as facebook it has managed to keep its growth over time. A very innovative and distinctive feature of linkedin that helped keep up its status was that you would find CEO’s and Managers of any company around the globe. Giants like AT&T, Microsoft, Dell have all management profiles active which one can interact with.

Advertising on LinkedIn is also slightly different then other social media as it relates more to the professionals rather than to end users helping keep a higher return on investment (ROI) on advertising spent should one target the upper management segments.

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